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Sam Leewood started tutoring in 2005 while studying for his Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics at Depaul University. Initially he enjoyed working with students one on one and found tutoring to be a great way to work part-time while he focused on his studies. After graduating from DePaul Magna Cum Laude in 2007, he decided to take his talents to UIC and earn a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering with the goal of working as a Structural Engineer. Upon graduation (with a 4.0 GPA) he realized he had developed a real passion for helping students reach their full potential.  This made the decision to focus on tutoring full-time an easy one, and Sam has been working independently full-time ever since. 

Working as a husband and wife team, Sam and Tawni Leewood decided to officially launch Leewood Learning together in 2017 in order to expand services to more students. With Tawni's 10 years of experience working in recruitment advertising and sales, her skills naturally align with the recruitment and marketing functions of the business. Sam and Tawni recognize what an undervalued profession classroom teaching has become, which is why Sam and Tawni wanted to mainly hire professional, working teachers at generous wages to ensure the highest quality tutors for you and your children. 


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Our Tutors




President/Lead Tutor

Sam Leewood

The founder of Leewood Learning, Sam is the only tutor on staff without professional classroom teaching experience. However after over 10 years of one on one tutoring he brings a fun and creative approach to working with students of all ages. His proudest moments over the years include helping a number of middle school students secure admission to Whitney M. Young Magnet High School and Walter Payton College Prep.  A number of Sam's high school students were accepted into Brown University, Wellesley University, and Yale University. 

Sam and his wife Tawni have lived in Logan Square since 2009 along with their cat, Phil. His hobbies include cooking, woodworking, yoga, playing piano, and playing basketball.



DePaul University

Bachelor's in Mathematics, 2007

University of Illinois at Chicago

Master's in Civil Engineering, 2011




Biology Tutor

Luke Mueller

A biology teacher at Lincoln Park High School in Chicago, Luke has been teaching locally since August of 2013. He previously taught in Van Nuys, California at CHAMPS Charter School of the Arts for four and half years, giving him over 8 years of professional teaching experience. He currently teaches AP Biology and freshman Biology and has developed curricula for and taught Human Anatomy and Physiology at both schools. He also chairs the Ecology Club at Lincoln Park.  Recently, Luke taught Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology in the Equinox program at Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development.

Luke and his wife Jacqueline live in Hollywood Park and have two beautiful young daughters, Elyse and Marion who are 2 and 5 years old. He also enjoys farmers markets, basketball and is extremely passionate about live music, especially Bruce Springsteen.


Notre Dame University

Bachelor's in Biology, 2003

DePaul University

Master's in Education, 2005 




Math/SPecial Education Tutor

Charlotte Funicello

Charlotte is currently a middle-school math teacher in Berwyn.  She recently moved to Chicago from New York City, where she taught middle school math for two years.  Charlotte earned her Bachelor's degree in History from Hunter College and went on to earn her Master's in Special Education from Long Island University.  For the past five years, Charlotte has worked with both general education and special needs students.  She also has experience teaching math intervention and accelerated math courses.

Charlotte currently resides in the Irving Park neighborhood and loves spending time at the Montrose dog beach with her loving boyfriend Chris, and their pitbull puppy Remi.


Hunter College

Bachelor's in History, 2012

Long Island University

Master's in Special Education, 2015




Math and ENglish Tutor

Lauren Fifolt

Lauren is a proud native of Michigan and a graduate of the University of Michigan.  She has ten years of experience as a tutor, teacher, and instructional coach.  She is currently a Learning Specialist with the Noble Network of Charter Schools and is passionate about ensuring that all learners have the academic and life skills necessary to one day graduate both high school and college.

Lauren currently resides in Roscoe Village and enjoys running in the neighborhood and busting a move at zumba classes.


University of Michigan

Bachelor's in English, 2010

Cardinal Stritch University

Master's in Urban Special Education, 2012




Math Tutor

Allison Fifolt

Allison has been teaching high schoolers in Chicago for the past 7 years.  She started her career teaching Spanish and later transitioned to teaching high school math.  She currently teaches geometry and algebra to sophomores at Pritzker College Prep.  Allison refuses to believe that anyone is inherently "bad at math" and enjoys supporting students of all abilities; she has taught both high-functioning honor's and special education students.

Allison has loved living in Roscoe Village for the past 4 years and frequents the neighborhood digs.  She also enjoys running, penguins, and answering questions about her identical twin sister, Lauren.


University of Michigan

Honor's Bachelor's in Psychology, 2010

Dominican University

Master's in Teaching, 2012




science and math tutor

Sean McGuire

Originally from Kansas, Sean has been teaching since 2008.  His teaching career began with High School biology and spread to chemistry, physics, environmental science, and ACT prep.  He currently teaches double honors chemistry and AP chemistry at Lincoln Park High School.  Sean also works with High Jump Chicago, a program that provides enrichment and support to rising 7th and 8th grade students seeking to navigate the daunting High School application process.

Sean and his fiancé are proud residents of Uptown for the past 4 years and love visiting the lake with their giant Italian Mastiff named Henry.  He enjoys cheering for the Kansas City Royals, riding his bike on the lake, and explaining his circuitous path to and passion for education.


University of Kansas

Honor's B.A. in English - Creative Writing, 2005

Dominican University

Master's in Teaching, 2009




science and math tutor

Leigha Ingham

Leigha currently teaches Chemistry and Physics at Walter Payton College Prep.  She has been teaching for 10 years and earned her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Spelman College.  Before moving into education, Leigha spent time working as a lab technician at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  She then attended New York University where she obtained her Master's in Science Education.  Leigha is currently in school at UIC earning her PhD in Science Curriculum and Instruction.

Leigha currently resides in Uptown and enjoys cooking and doing Crossfit in her spare time.  She also loves spending time with her fiancé and their dog, Henry. 


Spelman College

Bachelor's in Chemistry, 2001

New York University

Master's in Science Education, 2008




math tutor

Huma Haider

Huma attended DePaul University right here in Chicago, IL and graduated with Honors in Secondary Mathematics Education.  Upon graduation, she began teaching 9th graders algebra I and II at Pritzker College Prep and she's been there ever since.  Huma is passionate about delivering high quality education to all students.  She is currently in her second year of the Hollyhock Fellowship Program at Stanford University in order to continue her own learning and become the best educator possible for her students.

In her free time, Huma loves trying new restaurants, running, and attending various concerts and events in Chicago!


DePaul University

Bachelor's in Secondary Math Education, 2012



Megan Shein new.jpg

math and spanish tutor

Megan Shein

Throughout high school, college, and graduate school, Megan has tutored students of all ages in math.  After traveling to Boston for college and grad school, she chose to go abroad to teach in Israel.  Megan then returned to the Midwest to teach 12th grade statistics at Pritzker College Prep and has been there since 2014.  Her goal has always been to support all of her students, inside and outside the classroom.  She loves when students get that "aha!" moment and gain the understanding they need in order to feel confident in math.

In her free time, Megan spends as much time as possible outdoors.  She loves camping, hiking, and even just reading, drawing, or running outside.


Boston College

Bachelor's in Mathematics, 2013

Boston College

Master's in Education, 2014



Julia Levit Headshot.jpg

English and writing tutor

Julia Levit

From a very young age when she would look forward to going back to school each summer to help her teachers set up their classrooms, Julia knew she wanted to be a teacher.  As such, Julia is currently a 10th grade English/Literature teacher at Pritzker College Prep.  She was previously a Learning Specialist for five years.  She is now in her twelfth year of teaching and has experience working with grades 6 - 10 in various subjects.  Even though she loves the energy and daily excitement of teaching her classes of fantastic students, Julia also enjoys working one-on-one with students in order to help them persevere through difficulties and find personal growth and success.

Julia finally lives with her fiancée in Lakeview after ten years of long distance dating.  They have two amazing cats, Ernie and Bert.  In her free time, Julia can be found dancing, lifting weights, trying new restaurants, attending costume parties, traveling, going to concerts and sporting events, and reading. 


DePaul University

Bachelor's in Secondary Education, 2005

DePaul University

Master's in Special Education, 2012

University of Phoenix

English as a Second Language Endorsement, 2015



Sabrina Headshot.jpg

Science and math tutor

Sabrina Lee

Sabrina was a competitive swimmer from ages 6-22 and she loved spreading her joy of swimming through private swim lessons and coaching in both high school and college. This passion of teaching influenced her decision to study neuroscience at Amherst College and eventually pushed to pursue a career in education. Starting off in Boston, working at the Match Charter School as a tutor, she quickly found her calling and decided to enroll in a Teaching Residency program in Chicago. Now, Sabrina spends her days at Pritzker College Prep where she teaches Chemistry to Sophomores and spends her nights doing graduate school work for the Relay Graduate School of Education.

When Sabrina is not teaching or studying, she is trying to visit her family in her hometown of Palo Alto, CA.  She can also be found baking a seasonal recipe.  She loves a good workout, engaging podcasts, and scenic hikes (which she is still looking for in the prairie that is Chicago).


Amherst College

Bachelor's in Neuroscience, 2015

Relay Graduate School of Education

Master's of Art of Teaching,  expected 2018



new Nilou with yoshi.jpg

Science and math tutor

Nilou Sarvian

Nilou is a recent Chicago transplant from Los Angeles and is an Earth and Planetary Science PhD student at Northwestern University. Throughout college Nilou spent much of her free time volunteering at the local elementary school as a teacher's assistant. She also spent a year after college tutoring math and working as a research chemist. These experiences further developed her love of learning. Nilou hopes to continue inspiring students to succeed and pursue their dreams.

In her free time, Nilou enjoys playing sports, trying new ethnic foods, and exploring her new hometown of Chicago.  She also loves babysitting and hanging with her Bernese godson, Yoshi


University of California, Santa Barbara

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, 2015

Northwestern University

PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences,  expected 2022



Ben Groch headshot.jpg

English and German tutor

Ben Groch

Ben comes from a rural town outside of Chicago. He attended the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, where he developed a love of writing, German and dense literary styles. He then taught Austrian high schoolers the ins-and-outs of the English language before returning to Chicago to teach ESL. Ben now teachers at Pritzker College Prep in the Hermosa neighborhood, where he also coaches soccer and rocks out with students. 

In his free time, Ben enjoys playing soccer, music and going for walks on the beach with his wife (seriously!).


University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Bachelor's in English and German, 2004

National Louis

Masters in Art of Teaching, 2013





Math and spanish tutor

Alex Riggs

Alex is in his fifth year of teaching Algebra and Pre-Algebra and has taught at Pritzker College Prep for three years. He started his teaching career in Detroit by joining Teach for America and teaching middle school math, science, history, and Spanish. He started to focus on math in his second year in the classroom and during that year he received his Master’s from Oakland University with a focus in secondary mathematics.  

Since the summer of 2016, Alex and some of his peers have been fortunate to attend the Hollyhock Teaching Fellowship through Stanford University’s Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET). Through this program, he has improved his ability to pose purposeful and guiding questions, bolstered his knowledge of best math practices, and discovered better techniques to elicit student ideas and ways of modeling mathematics.

Alex lives in Logan Square, but is also a proud Kentuckian who frequents the Pony Inn to cheer on his Wildcats. He played Division III soccer at DePauw and still plays in local soccer leagues. He also enjoys perusing the Logan Square farmers market, playing/watching any sport, listening to a wide range of music, and savoring the beautiful summer months in Chicago.  


DePauw University

Bachelor's in Behavioral Economics, 2013

Oakland University

Master's in the Art of Teaching (MAT) with a focus in secondary mathematics, 2015 



Stefani Cleaver Headshot.jpg

Math and Physics tutor

Stefani Cleaver

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, Stefani graduated magna cum laude from DePauw University in 2014 with a Bachelor's in Physics and a minor in Mathematics and Computer Science.  It was at the university tutoring center where she discovered her talent as a tutor.  Stefani is passionate about helping others succeed and is committed to continuing to share her love for math and science as a tutor.  She loves teaching students to think critically and gain the confidence needed to tackle academic challenges on their own.

Stefani continued her education at Northwestern University here in Chicago, earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She now works as a hospital based Physical Therapist, while keeping her passion for teaching and mentoring alive on her off hours.  Stefani enjoys playing indoor volleyball, running on the lakefront, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.  Of course, she can be found cheering on her Kentucky Wildcats during the basketball and football seasons.


DePauw University

Bachelor's in Physics, 2014

Northwestern University

Doctorate in Physical Therapy, 2017 



Kenzie Kelly Headshot.jpg

Math and Science tutor

Kenzie Kelly

Kenzie was born in New England, but spent most of her life in Minnesota.  She attended the University of Minnesota and received a Bachelors of Science in Ecology with a minor in Geography.  Upon graduation, Kenzie accepted a job teaching 7th grade science in Charlotte, NC.  While teaching, Kenzie returned to school to receive her graduate certificate in Education from the University of North Carolina Charlotte.  After two years in Charlotte, she moved to Chicago and has taught high school science ever since.  Kenzie loves the beauty in numbers and the scientific process.  She enjoys sharing this passion with her students.

When she is not working, Kenzie spends as much time outside as possible.  She enjoys swimming, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, practicing yoga, and exploring new places.  She also finds herself hanging with friends and family at a new Chicago restaurant.


University of Minnesota

Bachelor's in Ecology, 2013

University of North Carolina Charlotte

Graduate Certificate in Science Education, 2015



Stephanie Creely Headshot.jpg

Executive functioning and special ed tutor

Stephanie Creely

Stephanie is a Chicago native and has worked within Chicago Public School schools for the past 9 years. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and went on to earn her Master’s in Special Education all from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her passion has been to help all students receive a high-quality education and reach their full potential, thus a majority of her professional teaching experience has been teaching diverse learners within elementary and middle school. 

Stephanie and her husband John have lived in Norwood Park for the past 4 years, along with their dog, Scout.  In her free time, Stephanie enjoys working out with her husband, visiting the local dog park, and attending the wonderful festivals in Chicago.


University of Illinois at Chicago

Bachelor's in Elementary Education, 2009

University of Illinois at Chicago

Master's in Special Education, 2012 



Annie Nelson Headshot.jpg

Science and Math tutor

Annie Nelson

Annie first became interested in teaching science through her passion for outdoor adventure.  Growing up in Oregon and Puerto Rico led to a lot of playing outside.  This fueled a curiosity for science and eventually resulted in Annie earning a B.S. in Geology summa cum laude from Union College in upstate New York.  During college, Annie worked as a Supplemental Instructor in Chemistry, teaching alongside esteemed faculty and hosting tutoring sessions.  After college, she taught science at an outdoor-based high school in Leadville, Colorado. Annie is hoping to someday continue her science teaching career as a college professor.  She is currently a 2nd year PhD student at Northwestern University.  In the meantime, Annie is excited to have the opportunity to pursue her love for teaching with Leewood Learning! 

In her free time, you can find Annie playing lacrosse, biking, hiking, skiing, or hanging off a mountain somewhere in the Rockies.  


Union College

Bachelor of Science in Geology, 2015

Northwestern University

PhD in Earth Science, expected 2022