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With over 10 years of experience tutoring children and adults Leewood Learning tutors can help you or your child to realize full potential. By working one on one in your home, we provide the most convenient and professional tutoring available in the Chicagoland market. Our team is full of devoted teachers, educators, and mentors from a wide range of backgrounds.  All one on one tutoring will align perfectly with what your child is currently learning. It's our goal to help them to not just fit within the curve, but to be the curve setters in even the most challenging classes. 

Contact us today to discuss your learning goals and we can discuss a strategy to help your student take things to the next level. 

Photo cred. Fred Frederiksen

Photo cred. Fred Frederiksen


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Math is Hard.  Our math tutors really love working with numbers and can help show your child the fun and interesting side of math, which is not typically found in a traditional classroom setting.  Whether it's help with homework, preparing for a test, or strengthening a math weakness, working one on one makes the learning process easier and more memorable so that A+ is easily within reach. 

Executive functioning

Organization is perhaps the most important life skill a child can learn while they are in school.  We can help teach a student how to properly use a student planner, organize their homework assignments and notes, and create study plans for big tests.


Science is a big part of our daily lives.  The importance of knowing the scientific method and scientific reasoning is irreplaceable.  We have some brilliant science minds who can help explain how the world works all the way down to the microscopic level.



Establishing reading and writing skills at a young age can help your child to succeed early on and our tutors are highly skilled in literacy intervention techniques to help your child reach their fullest potential.  In an age of smartphones and autocorrect, some kids never learn about the value of handwriting with a real pen.

Test Prep and college essays

HSPT, ACT, SAT.  Standardized testing is a big part of your child's success and can have an enormous impact on his or her future.  Let our tutors help guide your child into higher test scores by working in a one on one setting.  Your child will learn general test taking strategies and focus on the specific areas where he or she needs the most help.                                                    

Foreign Language

In a constantly diversifying world, mastering a foreign language is more important than ever.  A number of our tutors have strong Spanish backgrounds and will help your student learn the correct intonations and pronunciations.  Taking French or German?  We have someone for that too!


Interested in basketball and other sports? Check with our partners over at 3point Athletics to learn more about camps and private training.

Interested in basketball and other sports? Check with our partners over at 3point Athletics to learn more about camps and private training.


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin


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